Death of a Lake (Inspector Bonaparte Mysteries Book 18)

by Arthur W. Upfield
Eight hundred kilometres from the sea, Lake Otway is dying. Heat, drought, and thirst-crazed animals take their toll. When Ray Gillen, lucky lottery winner, went for a swim one night and never came back, some thought it was an accident, or was it murder? As the water level drops, five men and two women wait beside the shrinking lake – for the body, the money, or neither. And watching it all, Bony…

Death of a Lake is as intense and unremitting story as Upfield ever wrote. It should be, for it is very close to Upfield’s personality … being the real Albermarle Station where Upfield was first hired as a cook in the 1920s and where he began his writing career … In a hut at Wheeler’s Well Upfield was inspired to write his Bony after a visit by Upfield’s friend tracker Leon Wood. – from The Spirit of Australia by Ray Browne.

Bony – a unique figure among top-flight detectives – BBC