Lyrebird Hill

by Anna Romer
As her memory returns, will the truth destroy her?

When Ruby’s perfect life falls apart in one shattering moment, she returns to her childhood home at Lyrebird Hill, seeking escape. But the old house triggers suppressed memories of her sister’s violent death. Was it an accident, or was Ruby to blame?

Overwhelmed by guilt and fear, Ruby turns to her long-lost best friend, the one person who still believes in her. Pete was an abused orphan who stayed on a neighbouring property when they were kids. Now he’s reclusive and guarded, but their old spark quickly reignites. He believes Ruby could never hurt anyone, least of all the sister she idolised. Ruby isn’t so sure.

The discovery of letters written by her great-grandmother, who died in prison after being convicted of murder, seems to confirm her worst fears. Could murder run in her veins? As she searches for answers, painful secrets emerge and she must confront the darkness within herself—while also discovering the potential of love to heal all wounds … if only she’ll let it.

A thrilling romantic mystery from bestseller Anna Romer