Now You See Me

by Jean Bedford

‘Bedford is up with the best’ – The Australian

Journalist Noel Baker is no stranger to reporting horrific and gruesome crimes.

But when a disturbing suggestion arises in a coroner’s report, she decides to look into her new case more closely.

Young Belinda Carey has been killed and with the parents the obvious suspects, the police are looking no further for the culprit.

But Noel senses a disturbing pattern with the deaths of other abused children and she realizes that Belinda’s death may not have been at the hands of her neglectful and abusive parents.

As Noel’s investigation unfolds, the killer writes a diary.

The diary reveals a horrific childhood with unspeakable suffering, and these demons of the past rear their heads in the present…

It reveals that the killer is right amongst them, one of an old circle of university friends.

But which one?

Who could be driven to such deplorable acts?

Now You See Me is a gripping story of suspense and dark secrets from one of Australia’s finest writers.

Jean Bedford was born in England in 1946 and came to Australia in 1947. She was brought up in Victoria, graduated in Arts at Monash University and in TESL at the University of Papua New Guinea. She has taught English as a second language, worked as a journalist and a publisher’s editor, taught creative writing classes, and was Literary and Arts Editor of the National Times.Her short stories have appeared in Nation Review, the National Times and <.em>Meanjin, and have been widely anthologised.

She is married to Peter Corris and has three daughters, Sofya, Miriam and Ruth, and a stepdaughter, Abi. She lives on a small island in Moreton Bay.