The New Shoe (Inspector Bonaparte Mysteries Book 15)

by Arthur W. Upfield
The nude body of a man is discovered entombed in the walls of Split Point Lighthouse on the south-east coast of Australia. Inspector Bonaparte wonders why a coffin is moved at night, who was the girl struggling with Dick Lake on the cliff tops, and what caused the Bully Buccaneers to deal in death. An ordinary policeman could afford to fail, but Bony, never…

The story takes place at Split Point, 80 miles between Anglesea and Lorne… The story is enlivened – and made more stark by contrast – by a series of Dickensian characters who are unexcelled in Upfield and perhaps elsewhere as well. Despite the solemnity of the occasion for the visit, Upfield maintains a kind of corpse-like humour which is very amusing… The whole book is first-class Upfield and first-class crime fiction. – from The Spirit of Australia by Ray Browne