The Ridge (A John Lawrence Novel Book 4)

by Andrew Christie
When you’re on the run, nothing is as dangerous as a familiar face.

Hiding out in Thailand, ‘Large’ Phil Waters learns of the death of his first girlfriend. As teenage runaways, Large and Lizzie had survived on love and loyalty. But when the stakes became too high Lizzie sought safety, leaving Large to wade further into a life of violence and crime.
Now, Lizzie’s daughter, Carmen, is struggling to come to terms with her grief. Inheriting her mother’s home in the opal-mining town of Lightning Ridge, Carmen discovers how little she knew about her mother’s past.
Putting aside their mistrust of each other, Large and Carmen try to unravel the mystery of Lizzie’s life and death. But it’s complicated: Carmen wants an end to all the lies, but for Large, truth is a dangerous luxury.
This gripping mystery thriller takes readers into the dark heart of the outback.